About us

Since 1951 we have been the leader in the mnfr. of
Corporate Christmas and Wedding Invitation Stationery.

Since 1951 we have been the leader in the manufacturing of corporate christmas cards and wedding invitation stationery in Africa .
We are proud of the fact that we have been supplying our quality products directly and indirectly to
Government institutions, Royalty,VIP’s,TV personalities and sport stars ,to name but a few.
All the more reason why we should be able to satisfy you !!

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We have partnered with GOOGLE which has chosen to rate us the number one wedding card supplier in South Africa!
Our customers are worldwide and we print in 17 different languages , from Swahile to Amharic and Polish to Spanish.
Our guarantee: not taking any deposit – which leaves you empowered ! Agents in 12 Countries! — Terms is C.O.D
Prices quoted are valid for 4 months or up to the incentive date which ever comes first after which you need to get a
new quote due to the unstable financial market. Price is Ex Works Roodepoort, The Republic of South Africa.
I would love to do your wedding cards , always ready,willing and able to be at your service,with Clem it’s sorted.