Our Guarantee

We have been the industry leaders for 80 years, we do not take a deposit of any kind, which leaves you empowered.
We do not sign a contract with penalty clauses and you pay us in full when the cards are done to your satisfaction.
We offer a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked.
We operate from a factory not house or town house.
With Clem it’s sorted.

In terms of RISK, ask yourself this ….

Why would you risk a cheaper quote when we can offer you piece of mind, 80 years of professional service excellence ?
With Clem it is risk free!! , why take chances with your hard earned money?
How many companies have been going for more than 80 years?
Our two Companies combined have more than 160 years of expertise to offer you.

Prices  and terms

Quotes are valid for 4 months.
( Prices increase every January, so you need to resubmit your quote)
Collection is approx. 10 working day’s maximum.
Terms is C.O.D , price is ex works  Johannesburg, Roodepoort.

Dare to Compare

Delivery within 10 working day’s or for 20% extra we can speed up your order to 5 working days!
We will better any written quote guaranteed.
No deposit required.
Professional workmanship guaranteed.
Piece of mind , no comebacks.
We have so many references, you can choose to phone any of our last 5 clients.


You need to advertise the biggest event in your lives as a totally unique experience not be missed.
( Why not charge an entrance fee to this once off, never to be repeated event? )

Bottom line

We go the extra mile , we have not been the market leaders for the past 80 years for nothing .
Our clients come as far as Ruanda, Ethiopie,Nigeria, Zambia,Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Angola and Mozambique.
99% of my clients I unfortunately never get to meet.